I Killed My Mother

I killed my mother

If a young Pedro Almodovar had been strongly influenced by Wes Anderson, this is the film I imagine he would make.  I Killed My Mother chronicles the painfully strained relationship between Hubert, a gay seventeen year old boy, not quite closeted, not quite out, and his exhausted mother. The scale of the story focuses on teenage-sized stakes and imagines a world whose scope is as narrowly and indulgently focused as the adolescent imagination, all traits that would not necessarily recommend the film to a mature adult viewer.  However, the relational focus of the film, the psychological questions and the creatively excessive ways of composing the look of the film don’t seem targeted for a teen audience either.  Xavier Dolan, the 17 year old auteur of the film (writing, directing and starring) manages to transcend both of these limitations, because his portrayals of this story/world are broader and more humane than Hubert’s.  While Hubert is clearly our protagonist, our understanding of his mother is complex and more than sympathetic — in some ways even cathartic.   The revelations of this film are mostly found in the performances of the lead actors, but the entire experience of watching is satisfying, including the range of tones that are deftly woven together: laughable antics, rewarding friendship, difficult conflict, hopeful changes and moody disappointments.


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